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I am Arya Sekhar Bandopadhyay.

Data Science/Machine Learning/Deep Learning
BlockChain/MEAN Stack/Beta-MSP/Tech Lead-MSPC SRM


More About Me


I am a 3rd year B.Tech Undergraduate from SRM Institute of Science and Technology. Regarding Data Science, I have attended Winter School on Data Science with Python and that’s where my work started. I have completed IBM Professional Data Science Certification from Coursera. I have relative experience working with Tableau, Power BI, Python and Visualizations using Matplotlib, Seaborn, Folium and Plotly. I have created Dashboards in Tableau. I have worked with Regression models and stock market analysis using LSTM memory units. I have worked with backend Log files in my Internships to find meaningful patterns and Visualize them using Highcharts. I am thorough in Statistical models and Hypothesis Tests. I have worked as a Data Science Intern in kaashiv Infotech performing customer clustering, and OVONTS performing log file analysis and customer purchase behavior Analysis.

I am Currently Working For RedFox Labs in collaboration with top tier companies for a statistical site as well as for game research and developement. Parallely I am working on a blockchain based project under UP Govt Police.

I have worked on a lot of projects in Image Processing and I am quite familiar with objects detection approaches as well as image augmentation processes using Open CV. I have worked with GAN for Image Generation. Recently I have worked with Image classification approaches in real world to create a full stack application for automatic detection and segregation of garbage type for Smart India Hackathon. I am familiar with CNN architectures and optimizers and different loss functions and also with Transfer Learning approaches. I have some expertise working with Natural Language Processing and Natural Language Generation as well. I have worked on small projects like Email Spam classifier, Text Summarizer, Text Parsers and Image Caption Generators. I am familiar with Stochastic as well as Rule Based Approaches. I have relative Knowledge about BlockChain System including SHA256 hashing technique, Distributed P2P Networks and the Consensus principles. Relatively familier with Nonces and Cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin and Etherium.

I've Got Some skills.

  • 90%
    Image Processing
  • 80%
    Natural Language Processing
  • 85%
    Data Science
  • 70%
  • 70%
    Power BI
  • 80%
    Visualizations and Dashboard
  • 90%
    Python and Flask
  • 70%
  • 90%
  • 85%
  • 70%
  • 85%
  • 75%
  • 90%
    Angular JS
  • 70%

My Work Experience and Education.

May 2020 - Present


CEO and Co-Founder

Working with Like minded people and moving forward with our innovative Blockchain based Business Model.

June 2020 - Present

RedFox Labs

Game Researcher

Working on ground research of games and performing its user attribute analysis in collaboration with top Game Developing firms.

March 2020 - Present

RedFox Labs

BlockChain and Data Analytics

Working on Statistical Site including its UI, Data analysis and Integration in collaboration with top tier companies.

Feb 2020 - Present

SRMIST in Collaboration with UP Police

BlockChain Researcher

Working on ground research of Blockchain and hyper ledger networks and using public sourcing powers to harness productive apps.

Jan 2020 - Present

SRM Research Lab

Deep Learning Researcher

Actively working with faculties and facilitating research work. Presented Paper on Hotsopt Ananlysis using Unsupervised Learning and won Best Paper Award

November 2019 - January 2020


Full Stack Developer Intern

Performed analysis on log files and created a dynamic Dashboard using Angular JS and Highcharts.

June 2019 - July 2019

Kaashiv Infotech

Data Science Intern

Performed clustering to target right purchase based customers

January 2019 - Present

Microsoft Student Partners Club

Technical Lead

Worked on Outsourcing projects and managed my team. Conducted numerous workshops.

2018 - 2019

Next Tech Research lab

Machine Learning Associate

Worked on hackathons and Projects and did freelancing works for startups.

November 2018 - January 2019


Machine Learning Trainee

Performed EDA on datasets provided to find insights.


See My Latest Projects.

My Projects in Machine Learning, Deep Learning, AI and BlockChains.


Natural Language Processing

An informal Chatbot using Tensorflow 1.14. Built on Reddit dataset.
Project Link

Recommender System

Stacked Autoencoder

State of the art Recommender System built using Stacked Autoencoders
Project Link


Data Analysis and Web Developement

An Informative Dashboard built using Python and Flask and HTML5 and CSS. Give latest stats about COVID19 as well as Health Centres Location and Latest Global and Local News.
Project Link

Object Detection and Localization

Image Processing

Used YOLO algorithm for Object Detection and Localization
Project Link

Drowsiness Detection

Image Processing

Drowsiness Detection For accident avoidance using Image Processing Techniques
Project Link

Image Generator

Image Processing

Mnist Digit Generator using Generative Adversarial Network
Project Link

Text Summarizer

Natural Language Processing

Text summarizer built with SOTA Models and using Tensorflow seq2seq.
Project Link

Basic BlockChain Network


Basic BlockChain with all its properties and principles applied in Python. Project Link

A simple games based on JQuery

Web Developement

A Simple Game based on HTML5, CSS and Jquery and its animations
Project Link

GAN Implementation In Keras

Image Processing

Different Types of GAN implemented in Keras
Project Link

Drawing App using HTML canvas

Web Developement

A simple drawing app using HTML canvas , JavaScript
Project Link

Diabetes Prediction Interface

Machine Learning

A web Interface to predict diabetes based on ones symptoms

Project Link


Author image

Won Best Paper Award in International Conferance on IOT 2020 held in SRM.Paper was Titled Cyber Criminal Detection using hotspot analysis

Author image

Received a funded project from UP Govt Police on News Verification using Blockchain

Author image

Received Internship offer from Vietnam based firm (RedFox Labs in collaboration with top tier companies)


Created an Interactive Dashboard on COVID19 issue with all the stats, Test centre locations as Well as trending global and local news. Earned laurels from news channels and papers across the country and were praised by MNC's like amazon and Google.

COVID-19 2020
Author image

Took part in the Smart India Hackathon and Developed a system to take pictures of trash, potholes and stray cattles and auto segregate them. The segregated reports are then submitted to the govt. Earned kudos from all the judges present

SIH 2019


Online Courses

Some of the online courses I undertook

Data Science Bundle

This was an entire bundle provided by 365Datascience and included Python, SQL, Power BI, Tableau and Combining them to create Dashboards. Also Included courses on Web Scraping and Time Series Analysis, Customer Fraud Modelling etc. Had very comprehensive courses on Probability and Statistics.

BlockChain A-Z

A beginners course on BlockChain Networks with thorough explanation of principles like Hashing, Immutable Ledger, Nonces, Distributed p2p Networks, Byzentine Fault Tolerance, Consensus Protocols and also Proper description regarding Minimg of BitCoins and ASIC Architecture.


Courses Completed


Cups of Coffee


Projects Completed


Total Internships


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I am Arya Sekhar Bandopadhyay, an Undergraduate college student. I am open to conducting workshops or working on freelancing projects. Drop a text to know more !
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